👋 Hi, I'm Varun.

I am a technology enthusiast currently pursuing my BE in Computer Science and Engineering. I am familiar with various programming languages while being most comfortable in C, Python and JavaScript. I have over 1 year of intermediate frontend development experience with multiple frameworks and I have also been involved in backend development. Along with that I have good hands‑on experience with Adobe Illustrator. I am always comfortable with making new acquaintances. Looking forward to learning new skills that can enrich me and also help me grow.

Currently i am working with documentation team of Couchbase .

I did my 1st internships with Kavach Network as Front-End Developer

My story

Since I was a child, I was always interested in Computers and helping people around it, I always wanted to be an Engineer, I was called Computer geek in the school, I have always explored different Software and hardware parts of the computer, From helping my teacher resolve her technical issue of projector, from being technical head during Gatherings too building my own pc. It all drew me crazy for learning more about the computers, and that is how i landed up Computer Science Degree and after some point of time, I realized that it would be great if I can design digitally. And after entering college i learnt adobe illustrator futher to which i explore more about color physcology, UI and UX. I taught myself to design and build different projects like this one, That's how I could implement the principle what I learned and also gained some experience in how the industry works.

In my free time, I enjoy playing chess, participate in a hackathon, spending time with my family, listening to music, photography and travelling.


Design Thinking, UI/UX, User Research, Visual Design,Analytics


Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Git/GitHub, React, Angular, Node.js, MongoDB


Git,GitHub,Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop.

01. Empathy

Learn about the users for whom you are designing the product or service.

02. Research

Gain a deep understanding of problems, behaviors and business goals.

03. Define

Gather insights & craft a meaningful & actionable problem statement.

04. Ideate

Brainstorm the widest possible range of ideas that can be implemented.

05. Prototype

Build interactive solution which brings you closer to the final product.

06. Evaluate

Test, collect feedback & learn more about your solution & the user.